“The failure of the reformation to capture France had left for the Frenchmen no half-way house between infallibility and infidelity; and while the intellect of Germany and England moved leisurely in the lines of religious evolution, the mind of France leaped from the hot faith which had massacred the Huguenots to cold hostility with which La Mettrie, Helvetius, Holbach, and Diderot turned upon the religion of the fathers.”
     — Will Durant 
Flames started with light
Hydrocarbon molecules
Human molecules
“Statistically, about 2/3 of people believe in love at first sight and 20% fall in love at first sight and marry that person.”
     — Earl Neumann (2001), Love at First Sight

“The stoichiometric approach considers whole organisms as if they were single abstract molecules; thought of as complex evolved chemical substances that interact with each other and the abiotic world in a way that resembles a complex, composite, chemical reaction. This formula for the ‘human molecule’ [allows one] to think about how every human represents the coming together of atoms in proportions that are, if not constant, at least bounded and obeying some rules.”
      — Robert Sterner and James Elser (2002), Ecological Stoichiometry